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think is the presence as a prayer or a kid are pretty starkly laid up. >> before we let you go, sandy has to the east coast with a going into the particulars about how big the storms are or when it is heading to hit. what kinds of plants are we making to make sure the continued operations in north carolina? >> it will not have a huge impact of the journal's carolina. the coastal areas is at least populated area of the state. it is i have an effect of it was populated areas. it will be a rainy day and the northwest with it today. i will be hitting says some foam. it will have a huge amount it will have on the midwest and. many atlantic states it will happen in north carolina. >> we have been talking with rob kristiansand and within news and observer. he has been talking with us from raleigh, north carolina. they can find us on the web. thank you for being on the program. we are continuing our luck at the battleground 2010 states with north carolina at the focus from the washington general. joining us by phone is alicia few. is north carolina still employed? cruts absolutely. it is a sp
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1